Creating an FAQ Page

Create FAQ page

  1. Under Online Store tab go to Pages > Add page on Shopify admin.

  2. Type a title for your page. We recommend start adding FAQ as a title and create the page with this title, later you can change this title at any moment if you want.

  3. On Online Store section at the right Click Theme template option and select 'faq'.

  4. Click Save.

FAQ Settings

Go to Theme editor (customize) and choose Pages > faq from the pages drop-down menu at the top of the screen. 

By default, Frame will render, 4 sections, FAQ header, FAQ linked menu, and 2 Collapsible content, we will explain below what is the functionality of every section and how you can customize them.

FAQ header

This section contains the title and subheading for the FAQ page, if you want to modify the title you will need to do it in the Shopify Page Admin.

  1. Click FAQ header section to open settings.
  2. (Optional) Add subheading, Click FAQ header setting, and add a subheading on Subheading text field, this subheading will appear at top below the heading.

FAQ linked menu

(Optional) Frame has this section to provide a quick menu to link to every FAQ subject, this is a great feature to make easy navigation through all questions. To have the correctly functionally please follow this recommendations:

  • Place this section above all collapsible content sections to provide quick links to each section.
  • Every Collapsible content block should not have the same title.

Note: If you remove this section every Collapsible content section will appear in list one after the other.

Collapsible content

Please refers to the topic Collapsible Content for further information on how to customize this section.

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