Custom Page Template

Our themes have a default page template and predefined page templates that you can use to start. Any change made to a template will be reflected in all pages that use the same template. If you want to create a new page template, please follow these instructions:

  1. Go to Theme editor and choose Pages > Create template.
  2. In the Create a template pop-up, add a Name for your new template. For example, About us.
  3. In the Based on dropdown menu, select Default page.
  4. Click Create template.
  5. Your new page template will appear. It will have a Page section included by default. This section contains a header banner and any content you added to the page in your Shopify Admin. You can hide this section if desired.
  6. To add a new section in the side panel, click (+) Add section and select the section that you want to add. To learn more about the sections offered in our themes, please see Sections.
  7. Exit the Theme Editor and navigate to the Online Store tab. Go to Pages > Add page to create a new page or select an existing page that you want to link to the your new template.
  8. Add a Title and Content for your page. 
  9. In the dropdown menu Theme template, select the new custom page template you just created.
  10. Click Save.

Not seeing your new template in your Page's Template dropdown? Shopify only allows templates from purchased and published themes to be assigned.

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